Proposal for a Pixar/Wes Anderson Collobarative movie that involves a ragtag group of orphaned/misfit fruits who go on a quest to find their families, fail, but eventually come to realize that they’ve become a family, and end up being used by Urs Fischer in his MOMA retrospective, 2013

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When twenty thousand people sat in the clear sunshine of an Athenian hillside and watched through the course of an entire day, or of several days, a play in which men struggled against the Gods, they did not go primarily to be entertained. They did not loll in their seats and say, ‘Give me a pick-me-up.’ They said ‘Clarify the experiences I see all about me, celebrate life, death, and love. Fill me with terror and pity. Purge me.

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Hallie Flanagan, “Theatre in a Changing World,” 1932 (via lady-banner)

10/18/2013 (10:32pm)

Preventative Action

Give me all your razorblades.


"Christ on the cross" oil on board 3’ x 2.5’